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Add Fresh Website Content Without Paying a Developer

Pablo Colomban

Does Your Company Website Get the Attention it Deserves?

Many clients of Green Jeans Creative don’t change their website content often enough because of the cost and effort it takes. If that describes you, keep reading.

If your company already has a dynamic and responsive website kindly share this link with someone who needs it.

Some of Green Jeans Creative’s clients have said they want to add new content, but they don’t have the money to pay the web developer. Others say they don’t know how to make their websites look good and be user friendly on mobile devices. Everyone knows that these outdated looking websites are no longer acceptable, but not everyone knows that Green Jeans Creative offers a solution.

Did you know that with a dynamic website and a content management system, or a CMS, you can access the backend of your website quickly and easily?

Did you also know that Google rates responsive websites higher than non-responsive websites?

Take Control of Your Website

Our resident expert at Green Jeans Creative converts static websites, written in html, to dynamic, server-based websites. We can also make your website responsive, so it looks and acts great, even when it is looked at on a phone or tablet.

Dynamic websites are much simpler than static websites to update. Using the CMS, you can access the backend of the website to add a new employee bio, write a blog post, or make any number of changes.

Green Jeans Creative even provides training to use the CMS, so our clients feel confident about their skills. A dynamic, responsive website with fresh content will have several advantages. It will:

  • Get a higher ranking on search engines
  • Reflect your company updates
  • Stay ahead of your competition
  • Attract new clients
  • Be more user-friendly



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