Building brand recognition for Clarity Consultants

Pablo Colomban

It’s been an exciting past couple months working with our new client Clarity Consultants. We recently completed marketing flyers for them to better showcase their services. Each flyer goes into detail about what they offer while creating more brand recognition through the design. 

Clarity Consultants serves hundreds of Fortune 500 companies through business learning and development consulting. They approached the Green Jeans Creative team with the need to raise awareness among their clients about the full extent of their services.

Clarity Consultants presents their services in two main sectors: Learning and Development, and Creative. Green Jeans Creative helped create distinct information flyers for each of the sectors to better showcase each area’s unique value. We created the flyers with the versatility to be shared through print or digital formats to match different marketing opportunities. Our GJC team also designed the documents so that they could be distributed from international offices in London and Toronto.

The final designs are a great representation of Clarity Consultants to better market their business. The design process was a great experience. Our interactions with our client is just part of what we value in our connection: a high-level business client who understands and demonstrates the value of good communication and productive feedback.

We’re excited to continue our work in establishing their brand through future marketing materials that are currently in the works. 

Maketing materials