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Why Responsive Websites Convert More Customers

Pablo Colomban

Research on website visitor demographics show that many people are looking at websites on a small screen, often a smart phone. Depending on the industry, your company website might have 50%, or more, traffic from mobile devices. Many people ask us at Green Jeans Creative “How well do mobile visitors convert?” The answer depends on […]

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Use Branding Guidelines to Ensure Consistent Branding

Pablo Colomban

Green Jeans Creative Wishes Every Client Used Branding Guidelines As you know, consistency is a key component to the success of a brand. We creative types rely on branding guidelines for achieving consistency. We find many of our clients don’t have one and makes it more difficult for us to create consistent marketing materials.  A […]

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Add Fresh Website Content Without Paying a Developer

Pablo Colomban

Does Your Company Website Get the Attention it Deserves? Many clients of Green Jeans Creative don’t change their website content often enough because of the cost and effort it takes. If that describes you, keep reading. If your company already has a dynamic and responsive website kindly share this link with someone who needs it. Some of […]

Building brand recognition for Clarity Consultants

Pablo Colomban

It’s been an exciting past couple months working with our new client Clarity Consultants. We recently completed marketing flyers for them to better showcase their services. Each flyer goes into detail about what they offer while creating more brand recognition through the design.  Clarity Consultants serves hundreds of Fortune 500 companies through business learning and […]

DHL Conference

Another year, another successfully designed conference

Pablo Colomban

Green Jeans Creative was happy to work with international logistics leader DHL again on their annual management conference. DHL operates in over 220 countries and territories worldwide, which qualifies it as the most international company in the world. Their international workforce of more than 325,000 employees creates an unbelievable opportunity to promote their annual management […]

Making Memories Last Forever

Pablo Colomban

Fall is here and that means carving pumpkins, raking leaves, chilly nights, and of course, back to school. The kids are another year older and it seems like another foot taller! Can we just slow down time a little bit? At Green Jeans Creative we’re super excited about one company in particular that’s helping parents […]

New Logos for Local Businesses

Pablo Colomban

We had the pleasure of creating logos for 2 local businesses, both of which are great companies that we would highly recommend to anyone! A Foot in the Door A Foot in the Door is a local Denver company that offers personalized employment preparation at an affordable cost. Free consultations, drafting and finalizing of employment […]